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Mahalo Hawaii for contributing your information and doing your part to combat the spread of COVID-19 in our state.

The map below shows a high-level view of aggregated data results. All data is user-generated and derived from anonymous AlohaTrace submissions. Moving forward, this map will be updated daily and will show data collected over the last 14 days.

AlohaTrace Data Map

for the last 14 days

Not well, have been or are planning to get tested

Not well, exhibiting one or more symptoms

May have been exposed to COVID-19, but feels fine

Note: Information displayed on this map is from data collected through the anonymous public survey.

Markers represent an approximation and not an actual location.

Please encourage everyone to AlohaTrace daily — especially those who don’t feel well or are exhibiting symptoms, so we can see how this virus is moving in our community. We will continue to add new maps and data filters here for the public to view.


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Hawaii Community Effort to Combat COVID-19

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